Identifying Professional Staffers for Your Job Hunt

Before starting Euroscot Recruitment Solutions, we heard, watched, followed, read and studied the ills around the recruitment industry. Indeed, a recruitment professional is able to give you sound career advice as well as job leads — including those not listed on public job boards — but if you want to take full advantage of working with a recruiter, you need not to ignore your part in undertaking proper due diligence.

Be up front about what you're looking for. Are you looking for part-time assignments, locums or a full-time roles? Being clear about your objectives is the only way a staffing professional can do the best possible job for you. It’s fine to look for work on your own, but don’t leave your recruiter out of the loop. Promptly inform your staffing agency if you have a job lead in the pipeline. The same holds true for personal obligations that might impact your availability.

To assess the quality and potential of a recruitor in representing you well before possible employers, you need to ask yourself these questions: “Does your industry of focus align with my career?” “What is the frequency or cummulative number recruited so far with background as mine?" “In what types of companies and industries have you placed people like me?” “Do you proactively market your candidates? How does the process work?” “How can I make myself marketable to employers?”

No matter where you are in the job hunting process, honesty and responsiveness provide a great foundation for building a solid relationship with any recruiter. When you find a staffing agency you love to work with, consider recommending it to friends and colleagues. Great referrals help raise your profile — and may inspire recruiters to think of you as new job opportunities arise.