Employment Networking

Employment Networking

Networking is an important part of your job-search. Approximately 75 to 95 percent of job openings are not advertised in sources such as the newspaper or Internet. You can find out about these “hidden” jobs only by talking to other people or networking.
Networking includes everything from a casual conversation with a friend to an informational interview with a potential employer.
Networking doesn’t mean asking everyone you run into for a job. It means building relationships so that you can comfortably ask for ideas, advice, and referrals to those with hiring power.
What if you bank on a reputable company like ERS that has built a Network to get you that job search done? This is the major purpose of our networking within Europe. Network with us to Network for you.

Benefits of Networking

1. Brings you closer to attaining the dream job
2. Creates a ladder to the job market
3. Saves time and stress of job search
4. Free consultation and guide to achieving the dream job

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